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Families Through the years

I was thinking the other day about the topics we have been discussing on our podcast, families, and addiction. The topic and situations are so broad that there is no way to cover them all. If I had to pick one thing that I have seen the most is that parents are not sure what to do about their child that is in the throes of addiction, they want to love, they want to help. They don't know if they are loving enough or if they should just let go because they think loving them is not working and they just don't understand why their child can't stop using these drugs. I would like to encourage those parents this morning, that your love has carried them, they must love themselves now. They have to want to be free, you might have to set some hard boundaries and oh boy those hurt to put up and to follow. Please know you're not alone, reach out for help and support. Do not walk this road in secret and isolation. There is no shame in what your family is going through right now. We are here to help! Reach out!

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Oct 28, 2023

My family has first hand experienced the benefits of this program and how my son was brought back from a place where his family never thought he would ever return from. We are so grateful this program exists, my son is now sober, has two jobs, and is living a full and happy life.

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