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We believe that living in a home free from abuse, bullying, narcotics or alcohol is essential in the healing process. While each person is gong through therapy, life coaching and employment when ready, we believe the key is coming home to a safe place. We provide a comprehensive program that brings an individual from life crippling circumstances, to a safe and clean environment. We empower our participants with the tools to obtain employment while receiving treatment based on their individual circumstances as well as therapy and life coaching as needed. We believe that the pillars of living a sober life and being a positive contributor to the community are honesty, accountability, and sobriety. 


SAFE Housing:

  • Initial Food and Clothing

  • Mentoring

  • Job/Employment Coaching

  • Safe Housing (zero tolerance for illegal drug use)

  • Holistic Life Coaching

  • Contracted Services for Family, Trauma and Substance Abuse Counseling

  • Choice of Faith Based or Non-Faith Based Model of Meditation and Meetings

  • Budget and Financial Coaching and Planning

Support group

Empowered to Change International knows that it will take the entire community to enter into the fight for the sexually exploited, and aid in the transformation of the one who exploits. “For the One” is a customized program for our Survivors of Human Trafficking and substance abuse that comes with the trauma. Each individual will help create their own trauma informed plan for their healing. We desperately want to see the victim be healed, while craving to disrupt the pattern of victim creation and stop the cycle of the perpetrator. We aspire to holistically reform both the survivor and the buyer; to bring about redemptive justice, healing and restoration for the individual and the community. Many times, the victim becomes the victimizer if trauma therapy, healing and education does not come into play.

By partnering with community advocates to provide a wide variety of assistance, we help each individual enter into the reformation process, and become transformed to experience wholeness and healing. A safe environment is part of that process. While we provide safe housing, a strong support system, education, and employment, we pair it with a holistic model of healing that empowers the survivor to step into a new life that leaves behind the bondage. Within this model, a unique case plan is tailored to each individual’s needs. Restoring to the point before the exploitation is not enough. We want them to be restored to the true intention of their life.

For the One

Colorful Buildings


Operation Rebuild aims to inspire and ignite citizens that are leaving a life of incarceration behind and moving into a new life as a law-abiding citizen. An individual’s transition back into society can be a seemingly impossible task  if left without the proper support system. This program aids in their transition back into society, providing them with an environment that allows them to work out their new life with counseling and a strong support system. We teach them to find their voice, advocate to create better communities, and help them feel a sense of belonging again. We provide a holistic program that teaches them to develop a sense of purpose for self and community. Thus, reducing the chance they go back to a life of incarceration.

Operation Rebuild helps women and men integrate back to normal life by providing stable housing and a comprehensive program that understands that the needs of each participant might be different. The program allows for those of faith, and non-faith, to be empowered to live out that new life of a changed individual, receiving the help and resources needed to avoid future incarceration. Operation Rebuild seeks to restore the individual to a rightful state in the community, leaving them with a mindset of a life redeemed, empowered to serve themselves, their family, and their community. Participants are taught the value of self-worth, education, employment ethics, money management, self-care and the importance of contributions to their community.


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Empowered to Change believes in advocating for the rights of all people, desiring to see the community and government walk in the true definition of justice, redemption and restoration.


ETC supports:

  • Second Chances

  • Rights Restoration

  • Prison Reform

  • Criminal Justice Reform

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