Empowered To Change There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up.
- John Andrew Holmes

It Takes All Of Us To Change Our Communities

01  Our Mission

We believe ALL people have hope and ability to live life free from abuses of any kind and can learn how to be law-abiding citizens and an asset to their communities. Our goal is to inspire individuals to launch into a place of self sufficiency.


02  Our Programs

The various programs that we offer include but are not limited to Operation Rescue (Human Trafficking) and Operation Rebuild (reducing recidivism of jails and prisons). We are not politically charged, we are advocates for humanity.


03  Our Partners

Empowered To Change partners with law enforcement agencies, the judicial system, Department of Corrections, Department of Children and Families, Us Against Human Trafficking, Homeland Security as well as area churches and businesses.


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