Operation Rescue

Empowered to Change International knows that it will take the entire community to enter into the fight for the sexually exploited, and aid in the transformation of the one who exploits. We desperately want to see the victim be healed, while craving to disrupt the pattern of victim creation and stop the cycle of the perpetrator. We aspire to holistically reform both the survivor and the buyer; to bring about redemptive justice, healing and restoration for the individual and the community. Many times, the victim becomes the victimizer if trauma therapy, healing and education does not come into play.

By partnering with community advocates to provide a wide variety of assistance, we help each individual enter into the reformation process, and become transformed to experience wholeness and healing. A safe environment is part of that process. We provide stable housing, a strong support system, education, and employment paired with a holistic model of healing that empowers the survivor to step into a new life that leaves behind the bondage. Within this model, a unique case plan is tailored to each individual’s needs. Restoring to the point before the exploitation is not enough. We want them to be restored to the true intention of their life.

The FBI reports, that in the United States the number of children who are forced to do someone’s sexual bidding is well over 100,000. The age range is anywhere from nine years old, to nineteen years old, with an average age of eleven years old![1] This is not ok. This needs to change. Over the years, we have encountered individuals that were abused as children and entered adulthood with unresolved issues. The need for the community to be unified in support of the survivors is imperative, as is ending the demand for exploitation with education and empowerment.

[1] Teen Girls, Stories of Sex Trafficking in the US. ABC NewsPrimeTime.

With Operation Rescue, we do everything we can to help hurt individuals. Below are just some of the best ways we are assisting:

  1. Offering survivors a safe place where they receive a holistic method of therapy and high quality care that is tailored to their individual story. This includes setting and obtaining educational goals, life skills, and restoration. We believe that total restoration of life is critical; soul, body and spirit.
  2. Teaching the survivor to become their own advocate and use their voice to advocate for others.
  3. Restoring the survivor to a place of dignity and self-worth.
  4. Becoming their support system, and the community that stands with them during transition. We believe that case management must be partnered with accountability, mentorship and love to help the survivor to thrive as they transition into the state of restoration.

Our Collaborating Partners in Rescue

  • US Against Human Trafficking
  • Homeland Security
  • FL Dream Center
  • Area Churches
  • Local Law Enforcement
  • Judicial Circuits