Operation Rebuild

Operation Rebuild aims to inspire and ignite citizens that are leaving a life of incarceration behind and moving into a new life as a law-abiding citizen. An individual’s transition back into society can be a seemingly impossible task  if left without the proper support system. This program aids in their transition back into society, providing them with an environment that allows them to work out their new life with counseling and a strong support system. We teach them to find their voice, advocate to create better communities, and help them feel normal again. We provide a holistic program that teaches them to develop a sense of purpose for self and community. Thus, reducing the chance they go back to a life of incarceration.

Operation Rebuild helps women and men integrate back to normal life by providing stable housing and a comprehensive program that understands that the needs of each client might be different. The program allows for those of faith, and non-faith, to be empowered to live out that new life of a changed individual, receiving the help and resources needed to avoid future incarceration. Operation Rebuild seeks to restore the individual to a rightful state in the community, leaving them with a mindset of a life redeemed, empowered to serve themselves, their family, and their community. Clients are taught the value of self-worth, education, employment ethics, money management, self-care and the importance of contributions to their community.