About Us

Empowering….The broken to heal. The voiceless to speak.

Communities to come together.

Empowering People
To Change

Some services include:

  • Initial Food & Clothing
  • Job Employment/Coaching
  • Safe Housing (Zero Tolerance Drug Use)
  • Holistic Life Coaching
  • Contracted Services for Family, Trauma and Substance Abuse Counseling
  • Choice of Faith Based or Non Faith Based Model of Meditation
    & Meetings
  • Budget and Financial Coaching

Our Staff

Michele Snyder


Coral Sheppard, MA

Vice President

Board of Directors

Name: Lisa Smith
Position: Chairman of the Board/Treasurer

Name: Donnie Kilfin
Position: Vice Chairman

Name: Taffy Reid
Position: Secretary

Name: Marcia Glubiak
Position: Board Member

Name: Michele Snyder
Position: CEO/President/Non Voting Board Member